Fanatical People Make Fanatical Bankers

We firmly believe that our employees are our greatest asset! They are the mechanism that keeps our customers happy, our communities thriving and our bank successful. We hire strong, passionate people with a real desire to help; in short, we hire fanatical people. As you will see below, our employees are multi-dimensional and good at more than just banking. We believe Fanatical People Make Fanatical Bankers and we just can’t go wrong with that equation.

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Christe Feimster

Fraud Administrator

Liberally Administers Icing to Custom Cakes

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Bill Worthy

Senior Enterprise Risk Management Analyst

Loans His Voice to Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics

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Davon Mitchell

Loan Package Reviewer
Reviews Video Games for Best Gameplay Experiences

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Indra Pant

Resource Specialist
Also Specializes in Scoring Runs in Cricket



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Fanatical Programs & Perks



photo of Employee donating hot meals to flood victims

Community Involvement

Community banks play a big part in making the communities we’re in successful. We give back in more ways than just lending money – we lend our hands. All employees volunteer at least four hours a year to an event that is important to us and get paid to do it (which is double the reward). Every employee is given a FGB Gives Back T-shirt to wear to their volunteer event. And we can wear it with jeans – this attire is worn all day long and is a symbol to everyone of our commitment to the community and people in it.

photo of employees posing with Santa at Christmas branch event

Employee Events

There’s no shortage of fun at FGB. And that’s a good thing because we like to have fun. It’s in our DNA. Our crawfish boils, our Christmas parties and even our Chamber After Hours events are filled with laughing, dancing, great food and lots of togetherness. We totally believe in the old saying, “Work hard. Play hard.” So, if you’re ready to join us – click the Apply Now button; and get your dancing shoes ready.



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Fanatical Friday

The first Friday of every month gives FGB employees the opportunity to embrace the fanaticism we have for the place we work! It’s our day to wear jeans and our Fanatical shirts proudly. It’s the one day we get to wear our hearts on our sleeves, literally.


Competitive Benefits

We’re not only fanatical about our business – we’re fanatical about each other! Once employed you are immediately a member of our corporate family and will recognize a feeling of belonging and value. Oh, and you also get some pretty neat benefits, too. Take a look at the list below to learn about our fanatical offerings.

  • Medical Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Benefits
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Basic Life/AD&D Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • Salary Continuance (short term disability)
  • 401(k) Savings Plan
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
  • Sick Leave
  • Vacation
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Holidays Off
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Opportunity to earn FGB Stock Grants




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Today, Their Story. Tomorrow, Yours. 




Christe Feimster | Fraud Administrator 

Liberally Administers Icing to Custom Cakes



Christe Feimster’s love of baking began as a child in her grandmother’s kitchen. Christe remembers being drawn into the kitchen by the promise of licking the bowl and sampling the icing. She soon found she got more than just a sugar fix; she learned the basics by her grandmother’s side and her imagination was sparked. With her foundation of baking firmly rooted in her family kitchen, Christe found that she was drawn to cake decorating. She saw the place where homemade-with-love ingredients and professional quality décor could meet to make the perfect desserts. So she poured over Wilton Yearbooks, the cake decorating and tutorial guides put out each year by the home baking supply brand, and studied design trends and techniques.

“I would flip though and look at all the pictures… Picking out my future wedding cake, but then I would read the recipes and figure out how to make each cake,” Christe said. “I’d flip to the back to learn all the techniques and see how to stack a cake… ice a cake… fill a cake… I taught myself to decorate from the Wilton books.”

Christe still has her original Wilton book from 1983, now missing the front cover from a life well loved, and still flips through from time to time.

When Christe entered college, she joined the Air Force to help pay for her education, but she carried her love for the food industry and hospitality into her service. She soon found herself part of the 159th Fighter Wing Force Support, the division responsible for maintaining the base and the services offered to the airmen there. As she grew in her career and moved into leadership roles, Christe found herself in lodging – usually working nightshift – which often resulted in slow shifts at a desk... During these times, Christe would make her way to the kitchen to watch, chat and experiment with her own creations.  “They couldn’t keep me out of there,” Christe laughingly recalled. 

Her first venture into baking for others came in the form of a retirement party for a fellow airman and the celebration of the end of their career marked the beginning of Christe’s as baker. Word spread fast and soon she was the designated cake aficionado for every special occasion on the base. She had the opportunity to hone her skills and soon people were asking if Christe had her own business or baked professionally – the answer was always no, but they asked so persistently that it started to seem not so out of the question.  

In 2005, Christe got married and after baking her own wedding cake – and her friend’s wedding cake the month before – she had requests coming at her from every angle. People wanted to know who baked the cakes and how they could get their own. Treasured Moments Cake Boutique was born and Christe is still offering gourmet cakes and cookies for every occasion.

Christe says that she gets so many sweet benefits from her day dream turned reality, but the very best is sharing her creative outlet with others. “The best part is seeing people’s reactions. Having someone enjoy something that you’ve made… that’s the best feeling.”

Her care for others and the relationships she builds is also why Christe found her home at First Guaranty Bank. “The people that I work with make the work fun,” Christe said. “I have never worked for a bank, or another company, where the CEO was so personable. You come to work and you have Mr. Alton saying, “Good morning” or “How are you doing?” and my office mate is one of the reasons I get up and come to work every day. Having people that you can work with... Have a conversation with... It’s everything.”

Christe’s passion for sweet treats and sweet FGB customers make her a fanatical banker… and baker.


Bill Worthy | Senior Enterprise Risk Management Analyst

Loans His Voice to Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics



Bill Worthy is the ultimate alumnus. He’s there at every game cheering on the Lions… He just does his cheering from the press box. Bill is an announcer for Southeastern Louisiana University athletics and calls the games for volleyball, women’s basketball and baseball, play by play, blow by blow.

His passion for all things Southeastern isn’t new. His love for the University goes back to 1975 and his own college days there. “I loved it. Almost every minute of, I loved it,” he shared. During his college career he ran the campus radio station, where he acted as general manager and news director. Without knowing it, Bill was preparing for his future on-air personality as he tried his hand at everything from news to disc jockey to sports radio.

Bill graduated from SELU in 1978 with a BA in Communications and Media Studies. Shortly after graduation a friend introduced him to a mortgage company and he began his career in the world of mortgage lending and banking. Over the years, his career in the banking industry flourished, but his passion for sports media never wavered. Bill always found ways to get involved, whether it be attending games with his sons or reporting on high school sports for the Slidell newspaper.

Then, one fateful day in 2008, he came across an ad in the Daily Star for a Southeastern sports announcer. Bill sent in his application and soon received a call inviting him to try out for the position. The audition consisted of calling a volleyball tournament and without hesitation Bill agreed.

“It was me and one other guy there to try out and they told us, when Southeastern scores say ‘Southeastern Point’ and when the other team scores say ‘the other team point’,” Bill recalled. “So I knew that if the other guy was going to do that then I would have to jazz it up a little.”

And jazz it up he did… Bill was given the job on the spot and he made it his goal to always do more than just say, “Southeastern Point”. He studied the rules for each sport, learned the referee hand motions and took pride in knowing every Southeastern player’s name – and the correct pronunciation.

The games are much more than just moonlighting for Bill. He’s built relationships courtside and is now friends with many of the players’ parents. He’s also become something of a local celebrity, with people in the Hammond area stopping him to excitedly share that they know him and where they usually sit in the bleachers. When asked to reflect on the best part of the job, Bill simply smiled and said, “I love it all.”

It was simple for him to relay the things that he loves about his day job too: the people.

“I enjoy my job… I like coming to work every day, but it’s because of the people. I like the people here at work.”

On the field and off, Bill’s winning personality, ability to keep his eye on the ball and his loyalty to the home team make him a fanatical team member.



Davon Mitchell | Loan Package Reviewer

Reviews Video Games for Best Gameplay Experiences 



Davon Mitchell got his first video game console, the Nintendo 64, when he was just six years old. Super Mario 64 was his first game - and he was hooked. Next came the Gameboy, the Gameboy Advanced, and the Pokemon games that every boy his age coveted. At age 10, Davon moved to his next console, the PlayStation 2 with an action and adventure game, Jak and Daxter, which would set the tone for his next decade of gaming.

In some ways, gaming offered a mirror to his real life; when Davon began playing football as a kid, his father bought him Madden 2000, an NFL football video game. In other ways, though, gaming offered an escape into a world of fantasy and adventure. Today, Davon prefers role play games, or RPG; that allow him to step into the adventure, create a character and control the experience. He also enjoys first person shooter games like Call of Duty, Battlefield 5, Destiny and Red Dead Redemption.

He has also taken his gaming exploits to the next level by adding a second console to his collection. Davon now proudly owns both a PlayStation and an X-Box One. Though he shared that he only acquired the X-Box to play with his friends who are loyal to the Microsoft device.  Sharing the game with others is part of what makes the experience so engaging to him. Davon said one of the most exciting things has been to see the progression of technology and the increasing ability to play with friends; not only in person, but over the internet - along with the chance to play gamers all over the world.

In his everyday world, Davon’s daily routine begins with a 7:00 a.m. wakeup call and he’s at his desk at work by 8:00. He leaves work at 5:00 and he’s off to the gym to pursue his other hobby, CrossFit. Then he’s home by 7:00 and by 8:30 or 9:00, he’s ready to game. These weeknight gaming sessions typically last until 2:00 in the morning and he averages just under thirty hours of gameplay during the work week. “It’s just an escape. It kills time. You’ll feel like two hours have passed and you’ll look at the clock and four will be gone,” he said.

With all the practice hours Davon is logging, you might think that he’s preparing to compete in a gaming tournament, but for now he’s just playing for fun. Though he says some day he would like to compete, should the right team of gamers invite him to join. Until then, Davon is satisfied playing with his friends and trying to stay on top of the leaderboards. “For the most part I try to stay at the top,” He shared. “First, second, maybe third. If I get less than third I feel so bad. I’m like ‘that was a bad day’.”

Davon’s competitive streak is just one of the areas that gaming satisfies. He also finds it a good way to focus his mind on one task and to quiet his restless hands.  The avid gamer has also built quick reflexes and an ability to multitask. “In games, let’s say you have multiple quests,” Davon explained. “I try to knock them all out at the same time while doing the main quest.”

Davon’s real-life main quest led him to First Guaranty Bank in 2015 after studying Finance in school. Davon was always good with math and saw numbers and patterns in a way that others didn’t. In high school he was the lone sophomore in a math class full of seniors. By the time he was a senior, there were only four people in his class for calculus. “Something with numbers just excites me,” he explained.

Davon joined First Guaranty Bank as one of the very first Interactive Teller Machine Agents and has continued to grow in his career to his current position as an Operations Specialist. “I joined this team and haven’t looked back since. I’m trying to shoot for the stars here at First Guaranty Bank,” he said.

When asked about the best part of his job, Davon was able to put his finger on it almost as quickly as he was able to beat the first Call of Duty.

“It’s the people. I really do enjoy seeing everyone’s face. I like making my rounds around the bank saying hey to everybody. That’s my goal to try to make someone smile or laugh at least once in a day,” he said. “It’s kind of an in-game achievement, in a sense, to put a smile or a laugh on someone’s face. That’s what makes coming to work enjoyable.


Indra Pant | Resource Specialist

Also Specializes in Scoring Runs in Cricket

Photo of Indra playing cricket


Indra Pant’s eyes light up as he explains the rules of cricket. The rules and regulations, the teams, the techniques. He’s well versed on it all.

Indra was born in a rural area of Nepal, but his father, having bigger dreams for their family, moved them to the city when Indra was a child. He was met with a new school, new classmates, and a newfound interest in the game all his peers were fascinated with: cricket.

The sport managed to dominate almost every aspect of childhood life. Cricket games were listened to on the radio, talked about between classes and played in every free moment of time. “We played everywhere. The school’s team. The neighborhood team. The club team,” Indra explained. At first, Indra’s parents were resistant to their son’s newfound enthrallment, but once they saw that his passion for batting and bowling did nothing to lessen his focus on reading and writing, they encouraged it and Indra went on to play cricket at the school, club and college level.

It was true that his academic pursuits were in no way hindered by his insatiable interest in cricket, soon Indra graduated with an MBA after attending college in Kathmandu. He then began working in IT for three different banks across Nepal before moving to the United States in 2008. The move was centered on his wife’s desire to attend college in the States, so their little family moved to Oklahoma. For the next five years she obtained her BSN and subsequently, attended graduate school. Indra worked several jobs to support his family, which had now grown to include his son and daughter.

It was here that Indra’s priorities shifted. Where his childhood sport once took precedence, now he found new motivation. “Cricket used to mean everything to me when I was young. We used to listen to the radio commentary because we didn’t have a TV… But now I have a family. I have to balance everything… although I still watch the games with any free time I have,” Indra admitted. Now, playing cricket with his son after school fills his afternoons, along with the professional games that they watch and commentate on together.

Indra’s family moved to Fort Worth in 2013 and while Indra considered the opportunity to travel into Dallas for work, he found himself with the desire to be close to his family. After all, he had after-school cricket matches in his front yard to attend. So he chose to find work in Fort Worth and rejoin the banking world. “I had never worked on the frontline before, but I knew all the concepts,” Indra explained. Indra soon became a Resource Specialist, at Synergy Bank.

When Synergy Bank was acquired by First Guaranty Bank, Indra said the transition was difficult for some, but ultimately he found the change to be worth the interruption. He found stability and support in the new order of things. “I have a place to go that I know I can receive support,” Indra continued. “We have someone to talk to about every issue that we face every day. We have a stronger team because of it.”

In the end, strong teams are something that everyone aspires to, whether it be on the cricket field or within the workplace. Luckily for First Guaranty Bank, teamwork is something deeply familiar to Indra. He’s been practicing his whole life. 





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